CONCRETE STAIRS & STEPS                                                      

Case studies 

We have worked on numerous projects throughout the UK.

Some of these have been for more exclusive Clients.

One of these being for The designer- Alexander McQueen.

This was at his Flag ship store- Dover street in London.

We have also had one of our staircases featured on the TV show 

"inside out homes" this one on a project in South Manchester.

We also constructed a helical flight for Ports 1961 store - Rue Saint Honore, in the heart of Paris.

A difficult project with the language barrier and logistically.

We even constructed a staircase, we believe for a certain Russian billionaire.

This was in the exclusive Manressa road in Chelsea.

Sometimes, because of cost, people prefer to have a concrete

stair installed and may leave this decision to late in the build.

We have constructed a concrete staircase right at the end of build, see below.



Manressa road- Chelsea

Concrete stairs in near completed house

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