CONCRETE STAIRS CURVED CONCRETE STAIRS                                                    


Question: When can concrete stairs be fitted?

Answer: They can be fitted at almost any stage of a build,

             even when interior finishes have applied.


 Question: In situ concrete stairs must be messy and a lot of hassle 

                to have fitted?

Answer: There is minimal fuss and hassle.

              Please see below images of a stairs fitted in a

              near completed build.


 Question: It must be a lot of trouble finding someone to finish my 


  Answer:  There are thousands of Companies in the Uk who 

                can finish your concrete staircase.

                We can recommend some who have finished the 

                stairs we have constructed.


Question: What if my concrete staircase isnt constructed correctly?

Answer: We work closely with our Clients and ensure that 

             every detail of the staircase is constructed correctly.

             All floor levels and finish levels to treads are 

             discussed prior to commencement.


 Question: We have timber joists, surely we cant have a concrete 


 Answer: We have built concrete stairs where there are timber 



Question : In situ concrete stairs must be expensive?

Answer: Our curved, spiral and helical stairs are a fraction of 

             the cost of precast, metal or timber stairs.




Concrete stairs constructed in a near completed property.

concrete stairs, 1 metre wide, finished with carpet and wooden balustrade. Helical concrete stairs
This concrete stairs was 1100mm wide, the solid concrete balustrade was 900mm high and 100mm wide Concrete balustrade
This helical concrete stairs had solid concrete balustrades both sides, the balustrade was 900mm high and 75mm wide. Helical concrete stairs/balustrades
This Concrete stairs had a curved soffit on the winder sections and a series of straight steps at the base and head of the stairs Concrete stairs
This concrete stairs was constructed in the exclusive Manressa road in London. A huge staircase, it was 1600mm wide and the floor to floor was 4 metres. The balustrade was part bronze and part metal. Bespoke concrete stairs
This staircase was 1 metre wide and finished with a glass balustrade and marble treadsh Helical concrete stairs/glass balustrade
This spiral concrete stairs was 1 metre wide and finished with beautiful walnut treads and wooden balustrades Helical concrete stairs/wood balustrade
This Stepped soffit  staircase was 1100mm wide and the stair itself was a finished/polished concrete. The balustrade was metal Polished step soffit concrete stairs
This double concrete stairs was constructed in West London. The steps were I meter wide with a central landing. The treads and risers were stone, the balustrade metal Helical concrete entrance steps
Lovely helical concrete stairs flight in Wales. The stairs were 900mm wide. The balustrade was a metal rope design, the treads/risers were tiled. Spiral concrete stairs