CONCRETE STAIRS & STEPS                                                      


  Question: When can concrete stairs be fitted?

    Answer: They can be fitted at almost any

                  stage of a build, even when interior 

                  finishes have been applied.



 Question: In situ concrete stairs must be messy

                 and a lot of hassle to have fitted?

   Answer: There is minimal fuss and hassle.

                 Please see below images of a stairs

                 fitted in a near completed build.



 Question: It must be a lot of trouble finding

                 someone to finish my staircase?

   Answer: There are thousands of Companies

                 in the Uk who can finish your stairs.

                 We can recommend some who have

                 finished the stairs we have




 Question: What if my concrete staircase isnt

                  constructed correctly?

  Answer: We work closely with our Clients and

                ensure that every detail of the

                staircase  is constructed correctly.

                All floor levels and finish levels to

                treads are discussed prior

                to commencement.


 Question: We have timber joists, surely we cant

                  have a concrete stairs?

   Answer: We have built concrete stairs  where

                 there are timber joists.


Question : In situ concrete stairs must

                 be expensive?

   Answer: Our curved, spiral and helical stairs  

                 are a fraction of the cost of precast,

                 metal or timber stairs.




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