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Please find below a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you wish to contact any of them, we can forward contact

details to confirm that they are authentic.




"We cannot speak highly enough of Edward and his team

They completed our helical staircase and it is nothing

short of breathtaking" .........      Judith Melvile "The Smithy"



"EJ Brennan Formwork's professional approach and

attention to detail, ensured the staircase and balustrade

met the standard required" ........   Peter Wilson-KTA Developements



"The first thing that everyone says when they enter

our new house is, the stairs are amazing.

We can't thank Edward enough"........   Rebecca Muller



"If you need steps/stairs done, then EJ Brennan should

be your first port of call. They completed our external

steps, quickly, professionally and we highly recommend

them"........   Mark Jones-"The glass house"



 "Edward came to the pre-start meeting and assured us

 the stairs and balustrade would not be problem. His confidence

 gave us confidence, he didn't let us down.

 The stairs were our biggest worry on the whole project, This is no

 longer the case"...Geoff Riding (operations director) Clovemead



" Our house was close to completion, but still no staircase fitted.

  we had toyed with the idea of metal or wood for our spiral stairs.

  I found EJ Brennan on the internet, spoke to Edward and knew 

  instantly what type of stairs i wanted.

  The stairs are fantastic and  are better than we envisaged.

  They left no mess and took great care not to damage/scuff any 

  of the finished floors or walls, i highly recommend them.

  Most importantly, very reasonable" .... John Moran, Wigan










concrete stairs, 1 metre wide, finished with carpet and wooden balustrade. Helical concrete stairs
This concrete stairs was 1100mm wide, the solid concrete balustrade was 900mm high and 100mm wide Concrete balustrade
This helical concrete stairs had solid concrete balustrades both sides, the balustrade was 900mm high and 75mm wide. Helical concrete stairs/balustrades
This Concrete stairs had a curved soffit on the winder sections and a series of straight steps at the base and head of the stairs Concrete stairs
This concrete stairs was constructed in the exclusive Manressa road in London. A huge staircase, it was 1600mm wide and the floor to floor was 4 metres. The balustrade was part bronze and part metal. Bespoke concrete stairs
This staircase was 1 metre wide and finished with a glass balustrade and marble treadsh Helical concrete stairs/glass balustrade
This spiral concrete stairs was 1 metre wide and finished with beautiful walnut treads and wooden balustrades Helical concrete stairs/wood balustrade
This Stepped soffit  staircase was 1100mm wide and the stair itself was a finished/polished concrete. The balustrade was metal Polished step soffit concrete stairs
This double concrete stairs was constructed in West London. The steps were I meter wide with a central landing. The treads and risers were stone, the balustrade metal Helical concrete entrance steps
Lovely helical concrete stairs flight in Wales. The stairs were 900mm wide. The balustrade was a metal rope design, the treads/risers were tiled. Spiral concrete stairs